Thursday, December 4, 2008

Group Autonomy and Peer Assessment in Conducting Reading Comprehension Activity Using Newspapers

This research aims to discover the benefits of group autonomy (GA) and peer assessment (PA) among tertiary students through newspapers in carrying out reading comprehension (RC) activities. This paper seeks to find out (1) how far GA had provided freedom for students to construct and determine own questions in RC activities and (2) how far PA had helped students to be more engaged in RC activities and to heighten understanding of reading newspaper articles. Direct observations by independent observers and rating evaluation formed by participants had been used to measure the actual behaviour and feedback of learners in RC activities using newspapers. 86 students were subsequently divided into smaller groups and given autonomy to carry out RC activities, select newspaper texts, formulate questions and handle inter-group participation in RC activities. Assessment was conducted by the respective groups themselves whereby each group checked on the correctness of the other groups’ written responses. Due to active involvement in such RC activities, the findings showed that students became more interested and “alive” during such reading classes.

It further ascertained the effectiveness of GA and PA through the usage of newspapers in RC activities which succeeded in producing more active, critical and autonomous students.

Citation (APA 6th ed.):
Liaw, S. C., & Mah, B. Y. (2008). Group autonomy and peer assessment in conducting reading comprehension activity using newspapers. The 3rd CLS International Conference Proceedings (pp. 356-364). Singapore: National University of Singapore.

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