Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Part Time Students, Part Time Assessors. How Reliable Are Students to Fit Two Roles in Reading Comprehension Activity?

The conventional way of learning in the classroom has presently made way for students to be more involved and engaged in language activities. They learn from their involvement in assessing while collaborating with their peers. At higher institutions of learning, studies have shown that peer assessment (PA) plays a crucial role in student skill development as it aids students in improving their performance on evaluated assignments and increases learning capacity. In the study, 71 students were engaged in reading comprehension (RC) activity. They were divided into groups of three to five students which required each group to select passages in the newspapers, formulate questions and handle inter-group participation in RC activity. The purpose of this study is to explore how PA can be used as a dependable alternative to lecturer assessment in tertiary education. Each class was observed by a lecturer, non-involved peer group and the rest of the other participating groups. Training for assessment was administered and marks for evaluation were standardized.

Generally, the observed assessment by the three parties showed similar results except in some areas which involved structured short answer. The findings prompt educators in universities to consider employing PA as a supplemental tool for assessing students in RC activity. It explores the extent of student assessment compatibility to that of the lecturer’s and gauge whether students as assessors can reliably and consistently provide fair judgement on peer assessment in RC activity.

Citation (APA 6th ed.):
Liaw, S. C., & Mah, B. Y. (2011). Part time students, part time assessors. How reliable are students to fit two roles in reading comprehension activity? The ASEAN Conference on Scientific and Social Research 2011 Proceedings. Penang, Malaysia: Research and Industry Linkage Centers of UiTM Perlis, UiTM Kedah, UiTM Perak and UiTM Penang.

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