Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Preference of Learning Style among the Diploma Students of UiTM Penang: An Overview

This paper gives a brief overview of UiTM Penang diploma students’ preferences of learning styles specifically among those who were undertaking the English language courses. The five types of learning styles – auditory, visual, tactile, group, and individual are examined with the particular objectives of whether gender and the types of programs taken affect the learning styles of the students. The study also emphasises on the students’ results of SPM and UiTM English courses’; whether or not their preferences were affected by their learning styles. Thus, the Chi-square test and reliability test were used to measure the significance and the consistent reliability. The findings show that auditory, tactile, and group learning styles were predominantly popular among the students of different gender, programs of study, and those who had obtained different grades of their SPM and UiTM examination results. The writers hope that the findings of this study may provide new directions in the teaching of English courses in UiTM.

Citation (APA 6th ed.):
Cheang, E. K., Mah, B. Y., & Ch'ng, P. E. (2010). Preference of learning style among the diploma students of UiTM Penang: An overview. Social and Management Research Journal, 7(1), 55-66. 

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