Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Enhancing ESL Learners' Creative and Critical Thinking through Blogging

Blog is a type of website functioning as a web-based journal that depicts dated posts about a topic arranged from the most recent to the oldest. Furthermore, it is also a web publishing tool enabling one to publish their thoughts or commentaries. It is arguably the first form native to the web (Blood, 2003) that allows the bloggers Рpersons who do online journals, to keep records of their daily happenings on websites prior any Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML) knowledge or programming experience. This shows blogging as simple as sending email, which almost everyone can publish their views online to global forum. Later when web experts like Justin Hall and Adam Greenfield for the first time used Moblog or MoBlog - a contraction of mobile weblog, it symbolised a further dimension in the development of blog. Moblog has the ability to upload posts through mobile technology. In 2003, the first International Moblogging Conference (1IMC) in Tokyo was organised (D̦ring & Gundolf, 2006).

Citation (APA 6th ed.):
Mah, B. Y. (2013). Enhancing ESL learners’ creative and critical thinking through blogging. In M. K. Kabilan (Ed.), Pedagogies for creative & critical thinking in ELT (pp. 107–123). Selangor, Malaysia: August Publishing Sdn. Bhd.

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