Thursday, April 25, 2013

Framework for the Management of Multimedia Tools for Teaching and Learning of Spanish Language

In the era of rapid development of information and communication technology, both teachers and students are exposed to a great number of multimedia tools which can be used for teaching and learning purposes. Nevertheless, the biggest challenge faced by teachers is how to use the multimedia tools properly and effectively in classrooms. This study is carried out to investigate the proper management of three main multimedia tools, i.e. PowerPoint, video clips and E-Learning, in classroom activities in order to have effective teaching and learning of Spanish language at Engineering Campus of Universiti Sains Malaysia. The set of ideas underlying the basis of the management of PowerPoint, video clips and E-Learning in classrooms is firstly presented. A framework for the management of classroom activities incorporating the combination of PowerPoint, video clips and E-Learning with other resources such as games, songs and additional notes is then proposed. An example of classroom activities implemented based on the proposed framework is also given.

The effectiveness of the management framework in order to develop students’ language skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking is gauged by means of a survey. Preferences of students on the use of PowerPoint, video clips and E-Learning during Spanish classrooms are analyzed. Outcome of the survey is used as guidelines to further improve the management of the use of these multimedia tools to make teaching of Spanish language more fun, challenging, and interesting to the students.

Citation (APA 6th ed.):
Arriaga, L. R., Khor, G. S., & Mah, B. Y. (2013, April). Framework for the management of multimedia tools for teaching and learning of Spanish language. Paper presented at The Asian Conference on Techology in the Classroom 2013, Osaka, Japan. Retrieved from ACTC2013_Proceedings.pdf 

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